Air-ly Air Freshener - Oud Wood-ly Refill


Oud Wood-ly scent - Refill

Smells like Oud Wood by Tom Ford

Exotic, Smokey woods includes rare oud, sandalwood, rosewood, eastern spices and sensual amber revealing a rich and compelling power.


Our unique wooden reusable air fresheners reflect exactly what Air-ly stands for: Reinfuse - Reuse. Lasts for life. Your air freshener will come pre-infused with your chosen scent, ready to hang in your car. After a month or so when your air freshener starts to lose its scent, supplied in the tin is a bottle of your chosen scent. Simply lay the freshener in the tin, add a few drops of your oil, allow 8 hours to infuse (overnight is normally easiest) and there you have it; a reusable, sustainable and fresh smelling Almond air freshener ready to re-hang!



Remove from tin (don't throw this away as you'll need it later) and hang the freshener in the vehicle.

Once the freshener starts to lose its scent:

  1. Place the wooden disc back in the tin.
  2. Add 6-8 drops of your fragrance oil on to each side of the wood.
  3. Place the lid on the tin and allow the wood to absorb for 8 hours.
  4. Remove from the tin and ensure your oil is fully absorbed (you should have no drops of running liquid on the surface of the wood).
  5. Re-hang and enjoy your reinfused air freshener.

Repeat whenever your air freshener loses its scent. The bottle included should give several top-ups, and when it runs out you can order more from

Bottle size: 10ml (this will allow you to reinfuse your disc 10 times!).

Patent Pending. 

Note: These fragrances are not affiliated or under licence or to be confused with the original brand