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We sincerely apologise for the recent low stock and delivery delays of our Air-ly products. 

We understand how frustrating this is and assure you we are working diligently to resolve these issues. 

Due to unprecedented demand and unforeseen supply chain disruptions, we have encountered delays in restocking and shipping. We deeply appreciate your
patience and understanding during this time and are committed to delivering
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Thank you for your continued support and trust in Air-ly.

 Josh, Mike & Dan 

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Luxury Car Air Fresheners

What is an Air-ly?

Air-ly is a revolutionary concept - an ultra long lasting, premium scented, reusable wooden car air freshener! Each Air-ly comes with an infusing tin containing a wooden air freshener disc and a 10ml dropper fragrance bottle.

Your Air-ly will begin to lose its scent after approx. 4 weeks. At this point you would normally go and buy a new car air freshener, but with Air-ly you don’t have to!

Simply take it down, put it back in the tin, add 3-6 drops of your chosen scent, leave overnight and hey Presto! in the morning you’ve got a new air freshener.

No more trips to the petrol station to get your overpowering, short lasting plastic throw away.

Just to top it all off, All of our wood is FSC certified and sustainibly sourced. We do all we can to ensure all of our materials are sustainble.

Luxury Car Air Fresheners

Each Air-ly refill lasts 2O x longer
than a traditional
car air freshener!

Luxury Car Air Fresheners
How Does It Work?

The Air-ly air freshener is a simple concept - drip your chosen scent onto your wooden disc, infuse overnight and then hang it in your car!

Luxury Car Air Fresheners
Scents With Stamina

There are 20 Air-ly air freshener scents to choose from. We only use ultra long life, mouth-watering, premium scented oils.

Luxury Car Air Fresheners
Reinfuse & Re-use

Your Air-ly disc is designed to be reinfused for life. When your original scent bottle runs out, simply reorder a new one on our website

Luxury Car Air Fresheners
Made in the UK

We like to create our air fresheners close to home, overseeing production to guarantee quality and to reduce our carbon footprint.

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It's time to tickle your taste buds...Smell ya later Air-lygator!








People who love our products...

“Great collection of scents which are fun and smell great. Long lasting alternative”.
- Ollie Costley
“Love that it comes in a tin with a refill bottle, much more economical and no mess”.
- Andy Norton
“Finally an Air Freshener that lasts for longer than a few days! Love the scent quality and aesthetic”.
- Emily Morgan
“High quality and sustainable products that smell fantastic. Love the brand”.
- Mike Naylor
“Great brand. Since using Air-ly I've had loads of great comments on the smell of my car”.
- Joe Hunter
“Great scent, long lasting and a much cheaper long term solution to keep your car smelling fresh”
- Simon Williams