Welcome to the Reinfusion Revolution!

It’s time to tickle your senses and get inspired by our range of authentic, sustainable and ultra long life car air freshener scents.

Each Air-ly® will be sent in our secure branded packaging. This includes an infusing tin, a wooden Air-ly disc and your choice of dropper fragrance bottle. Note - Each Air-ly air freshener comes pre infused with your chosen scent.

After 4 weeks, or when the scent starts to fade, simply top up the drops by placing the wooden air freshener drip into the infusing tin, add 3-6 drops of your chosen fragrance on each side of the disc and leave to infuse - then simply re hang. Repeat as necessary.  

No more trips to the petrol station to get your bad smelling, short lasting, plastic throw away car air freshener.

Air-ly Reusable Wooden Car Air Fresheners - Join the reinfusion revolution.