What is the Air-ly reinfusion revolution?

What is the Air-ly reinfusion revolution?

What is the Air-ly reinfusion revolution?

At Air-ly we believe there is a more sustainable way to keep your car smelling amazing every day.

With more than forty million cars on the U.K roads and the average person spending more than three hundred hours a year in their car, we believe throwing away endless short life, bad smelling car air fresheners isn’t great for your wallet, but more importantly, is not helping our planet.

Now is the time to ditch the plastic and join the wooden reinfusion revolution!
As well as creating the longest lasting car air fresheners, we have spent hours perfecting each scent to ensure we bring the most authentic fragrances too. From tangy and zesty summer notes to home baked, cosy and calming scents, we have created exceptional blends to exactly replicate your favourites.

How Does It Work?
Choose your favourite scent from our Fruity, Funky, Thirsty & Hungry collections. Simply drip Air-ly's premium scented oil onto your wooden drip infuser and hang in your car - A fragrance sensation!

Scents With Stamina.
We only use ultra-long life, mouth-watering, premium scented oils to infuse our car air fresheners.

Reinfuse & Reuse
When your premium scent bottle finally runs out, simply choose from our collection of Air-ly glass 10ml refills, reinfuse and re hang.

Made in the UK
We create our products close to home. Overseeing production and sourcing locally, not only guarantees quality but reduces our carbon footprint too.

Wood is good
There is no throwing away of an Air-ly air freshener, just a sustainable way of reinfusing and rehanging the wooden disc. Created using authentic, premium fragrances we aim to save your wallet and save the world one Air-ly at a time!

Why not join the Air-ly reinfusion revolution today?


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