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We're saving you money and saving the planet!

Did you know that the car air freshener industry produces around 20,000 tons of waste world wide per year and costs consumers around £60 for 10 months worth of fruity freshness?!

This is because to date, current car air fresheners are single use, chemically infused pieces of card or plastic which last on average two weeks before they're thrown in the bin. Not only throwing away a chemically infused car air freshener, but its packaging too. Then because your car is starting to smell, you buy another single use car air freshener for £3-£4 and repeat the process. 

That's why we created Air-ly. There's throwing away of your Air-ly air freshener, just a sustainable way of reinfusing and reusing. 

Now here comes the math....A normal car air freshener is on average £3 and lasts about 2 weeks. An Air-ly is £14.95 and lasts 10 months (40 weeks). So for the same life span as an Air-ly, you'd have to buy 20 singe use car air fresheners over 10 months. Costing you around £60 as apposed to the £14.95 of Air-ly. A saving of over £45!l That's before we even mentioned the huge waste reduction! and then in the second 10 months, Air-ly refill costs you just £4 as apposed to the £60 you'd pay for your single use car air fresheners. That's a year 2 saving of £56! 

Surly Air-ly makes complete sense now?!

Join the Reinfusion Revolution, Join Air-ly.


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