100 FREE Air-ly's fully customied to your business on brand, on us!

100 FREE Air-ly's fully customied to your business on brand, on us!

Air-ly - A Global Car Air Freshener Reinfusion Revolution.       

Order Your Free Trial of 100 Air-ly’s For Your Business Today.  

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Made in the Uk. Air-ly is the worlds longest lasting, premium scented, sustainable car air freshener and we have plans to take over the existing wasteful and un-sustainable car air freshener sector with our sustainable, wooden and ultra long lasting premium scented alternative.


We believe that the planet deserves better than the millions of short life, plastic air fresheners being thrown away everyday across the world.


So we created Air-ly with one simple goal - To create the longest lasting, most authentic scented and sustainable car air freshener in the world.


Fast forward six months, and your will find Air-ly’s hanging inside tens of thousands of delighted customer cars nationwide.   


A truly sustainable way to engage with your customer 365 days a year.

We are proud to be working with some of the largest global brands who share our ethos for the environment and also understand the marketing potential for positioning their brand inside the interior of a car, van, taxi, truck... 365 days a year.

With the average person spending up-to 8 hours a week in their car, we believe we have created a premium, sustainable and affordable solution to keep your brand front of mind. Our white labeling enables our products to be fully customised so you can get the maximum branding out of an Air-ly everyday.  


We don’t believe in cheap and nasty.

On average, a standard car air freshener lasts around 2 weeks before being binned.

The Air-ly innovation is different, a customised, sustainable branded Air-ly can literally last forever, giving your brand the guilt free exposure it deserves by marketing to drivers and passengers every day without the worry of ever being thrown in the bin.


We are delighted to have already branded Air-ly's with some fantastic international brands and continue to receive enquiries to support new businesses who want to work with us.  So how about a free trial – It’s time to try the sustainable reinfusion revolution.  

Your brand has never smelt so good.



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