Air-ly Car Air Fresheners, the Perfect Corporate Gift

Air-ly Car Air Fresheners, the Perfect Corporate Gift

Air-ly Car Air Fresheners, the Perfect Corporate Gift

When you’re looking for a corporate gift you’re most likely looking for something that’s innovative, eye-catching and long-lasting. We’ve all received plenty of branded pens and diaries from our suppliers. They can be useful, but they’re hardly eye-catching or memorable and the pens only last until you lose them!

The Air-ly Air Freshener is a very different solution to a problem that has haunted many corporate buyers for decades. An Air-ly is a new and innovative concept, put simply it’s a long-lasting car air freshener. There’s a bit more to it than that though, an Air-ly is a wooden hanging disc that comes in its own tin with your chosen scent. The user adds the scent to the wooden disc, lets it infuse and then hangs it in their car, when the scent fades they can re-infuse the wooden disc and then hang it in their car again and again and again…

Car Air Fresheners the Ideal Corporate Gift

What makes Air-ly good for my brand?

There are several reasons that make an Air-ly the perfect corporate gift for your staff or your clients;

  • The tin can be designed with your logo to match your branding
  • Air-ly is traditionally tear drop shaped, but we can create them in virtually any shape you want, using CNC cutting for logos and complex shapes
  • They’re long-lasting – A bottle of scent will last around 9-12 months, depending on how often the user reinfuses
  • The users can buy scent refills to keep reinfusing their Air-ly for life
  • The user can also change the scent by allowing their Air-ly wooden disc to dry out
  • It’s highly visible in people’s vehicles all day, every day
  • An Air-ly is very different from ubiquitous hanging car air fresheners, it stands out and is a discussion point
  • You can choose from over 30 standard scents or you can have a bespoke, unique scent.
  • Made using FSC certified and sustainably sourced wood
  • We could go on…

Car Air Fresheners the Ideal Corporate Gift

The Air-ly Story

Air-ly is the World’s longest lasting sustainable and reinfusible car air freshener. It was launched in October 2021 and has gone from strength to strength since.

We’ve already been working with a range of national and international companies to create their own bespoke corporate gifts, including packaging, wooden disc and even their own fragrances in designs that promote their brands.

How about we get our creative juices flowing and create an ultra long-lasting, low-cost luxury corporate gift for you customers?


Environmental Responsibility

The original idea behind Air-ly came about after a trip to the petrol station seeing someone else buy another disposable air freshener in plastic packaging and throw their old air freshener in the bin. All adding to the global plastic waste disaster we are facing.

An Air-ly isn’t the answer to all of the damage created by disposable air fresheners, but it’s at least part of the solution.

A Bespoke Gift for Your Clients of Staff

Get in touch to learn how our team can work with you to create a long-lasting gift or memento for your brand. We can fully customise all aspects of your Air-ly to give you an innovative, eye-catching and long-lasting gist that promotes your brand and values 365 days a year for life!


It’s out with the old and in with the new -  It’s an Air-ly reinfusion revolution.

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