Car Air Fresheners in 2022 - What are your alternatives?

Car Air Fresheners in 2022 - What are your alternatives?

How many of us still have a favourite smell from our childhood?

British strawberries, freshly baked bread or even the smell of petrol when dad’s filling up the Mark 1 Escort, we all have a smell we love.

Some smells bring back childhood memories, others of sunny holidays abroad, what is for sure, smells create clusters of memories to be remembered for long.

Sadly, cars are mostly dull spaces lacking in air circulation and have become the home for the four-legged friend or the little feet of children and all the mess that ensues. That new car smell has swiftly turned into an intolerable one. Enter car air fresheners.

Car air fresheners come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and smells. Sometimes the smell is overpowering, other times almost indistinguishable, the cheap ones last for hardly two weeks and the amount of plastic used in others is beyond belief.

So, we thought we would take a look at your options. These are some of the most popular car air fresheners on the market today.

Hanging cardboard air fresheners

The most commonly seen are the cardboard ones. They typically cost around £3.00 each and these scented cardboard pieces simply hang from your rear- view mirror and give out your chosen fragrance. Created from cardboard, they are cheap, but be warned, they typically last for only a week or two before running out of puff.


Hanging 3D Gel – Plastic air fresheners

Adorning cars around the world you will typically find the car air freshener made by in conjunction with a popular jelly sweet. These colourful and plastic infused scents cost around £3.00 each and like the cardboard version, they simply hang from your rear- view mirror. They claim to last up to 30 days, but due to the amount of packaging and plastic involved in their creation, we find they lack the sustainable or recyclable innovation required for a product in the 21st century.


Gel can air fresheners

The use of cans containing gels is a popular genre of car air freshener. These small cans can be stuck to any surface of the car to emit your chosen scent. In 1992, one of the first companies to introduce them was Since then, the company has grown into a global provider of high-quality car air freshening products. Priced at around £3.50 a can and with on average a month’s scent longevity, they are popular for many car owners.


Air Vent Car Air Fresheners

These are sticky objects containing oil fragrances attached to the air vents with a clip. Whenever the AC is on, the air from the vents will mix with the fragrance and emit fragrant air inside the car. Most major brands now offer vent air fresheners as an option. However, one of the most popular is offered by Sold at approx. £4.99 each and with up-to 60 days freshness claimed, they tend to be inexpensive and also have a better scent life span than the cheaper options.


Re-Infusible Wooden car air fresheners

The latest in technologies for air car fresheners come using a wooden diffuser. offer a varied selection of ultra-long-lasting fragrances. Their wood air freshener can be re-infused with premium oils to reinvigorate the scent as and when required. They include a 10 ml bottle of your chosen scent that allows you to add as much or little of the fragrance, meaning you control the power of the fragrance.

At £14.95 and with up to 10 months of supply! the Air-ly car air freshener is one of the longest lasting and sustainable car air fresheners on the market today.


In summary, if you are looking for a cheap car air freshener, expect it to last only a few weeks until you are back at your nearest Halfords and replacing it. If you do not mind hanging plastic or sticking cans to your dashboard and throwing them away once a month to landfill, then again there is an option for you.

Vented car air fresheners may last longer and also represent better value than the others but for value for money, length of freshness, and for the most sustainable option, the Air-ly car air freshener will out compete all others and help to save the planet one at a time.

A memorable scented car air freshener can make all the difference from your typical drab drive to a fabulous one, so if strawberries are your thing or a Summers breeze, grab a car air freshener today and get creating your own new memories.  

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